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 2024 Speakers


DJ Cooper - Author

DJ Cooper is the Bestselling author of the apocalypse. Check out her latest series of books "Chaos."
It all started with the Dystopia series of books she released in late 2014. A strong desire to learn more led her back to school in hopes of gaining more perspective on the craft and the industry. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Master of Science in Marketing, and is currently, a student at Southern New Hampshire University studying for her Master of Fine Arts in English/Creative writing with a concentration in teaching.

She studied Graphic Design and designs book covers, format books, and creates logos and graphics as well through Dauntless Cover Design.
Writing the apocalypse is a passion and as a prominent figure in the preparedness community with Thrive Self-Reliance Initiative,
where she works to bring knowledge of preparedness and sustainable living through varied forms of media.


Bill Stormfeather is a former US Marine and current U.S Army Soldier with a background in private security contracting. Bill has over 30 years of military experience which he uses to consult popular survival television series. As a lifelong prepper and survivalist he enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others. 

His talk,  "The First 30 Days" (including a  Q&A) will be held:

Friday @ 10:00am & 2:00pm 
Saturday  @ 10:00am & 2:00pm
Sunday  @ 10:00am & 2:00pm

Bill Stormfeather - Current U.S Army 


Lynn Kramer - Retired RN and

Serious Prepper

If a crisis occurred and you called 911, but no one was coming, would you be able to manage? If a lockdown was put in place, could you render care to yourself or loved ones? Would you have the supplies or knowledge to know what to do? Lynn Kramer, RN, covers these topics and more. She shares survival resources that help you think and prepare how to best meet the needs of your household and others that you may be responsible for.

Topics covered include putting together a medical kit, improvising in a grave situation, essential OTC medicines to have on hand, herbal/natural remedies and where to get medical training (CPR/First Aid).

Her talk, "Medical Preparedness", (including a  Q&A) will be held:
Friday @  12:00 pm & 6:00pm
Saturday @  12:00 pm & 6:00pm
Sunday @  12:00 pm & 6:00pm

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