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Ben Davidson has been working with a dozen NASSA scientists along 

with over 200 professors and scientists from around the world. He has 

published a number of books that are about as peer reviewed as you can get. He has almost 7 hundred thousand followers all together. He has been doing a daily morning space weather report on his YouTube Channel "SuspiciousObservers" for the last 12 yrs. Suspicious0bservers, is an online research community investigating solar activity, earthquakes, astrophysics and weather.  Eyes open, no fear.

Visit the Youtube Channel HERE

Ben Davidson - head of Suspicious


Jim Cobb - Author, Editor & Speaker

Jim Cobb is a nationally recognized authority on disaster readiness.

He's the Editor in Chief for Prepper Survival Guide and Backwoods

Survival Guide magazines, as well as the author of several books. Jim

was a featured instructor for the Make Ready to Survive video series

from Panteao Productions and he's had multiple TV appearances. He's a passionate advocate for disaster planning and is known for his down to Earth, realistic, practical approach.


Financial Preparedness (11am Sat. 7/1)

Prepping isn't just about the end of the

world. It is about being ready to handle all sorts of different emergencies. In this session, we'll cover three pillars for financial stability, debt reduction, emergency savings, and end of life planning.

Realistic Bug Out Planning (11am Sun. 7/2)

Packing a bag and heading for the nearest

forest in an emergency isn't a plan, it's a fantasy. We'll talk about how to be ready to beat feet at a moment's notice, but with an eyetoward realism, not Hollywood nonsense.

Conflict Resolution  (5pm Sat. 7/1)
Interpersonal conflict is part of our daily lives, and how we handle it shapes the relationships we have with others. This skill set is woefully underrated in the prepping world. If the members of your group can't get along, the group will fall apart.We'll discuss a number of proven strategies to defuse arguments and helppeople work together.

Prepping with Kids  (5pm Sun. 7/2)
Many parents struggle with how to include their

children in the prepping plan. Sure, food and water is important, but there's a lot more involved, including teaching them how to prep themselves. In this class, we'll cover a range of topics, including specific suggestions for what to stockpile and skills to teach.


Bill Stormfeather is a former US Marine and current U.S Army Soldier with a background in private security contracting. Bill has over 30 years of military experience which he uses to consult popular survival television series. As a lifelong prepper and survivalist he enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others. 

His talk,  "The First 30 Days" (including a  Q&A) will be held:

Friday June 30th @ 10:00am & 2:00pm 
Saturday July 1st @ 10:00am & 2:00pm
Sunday July 2nd @ 10:00am & 2:00pm

Bill Stormfeather - Current U.S Army 


Lynn Kramer - Retired RN and Serious Prepper

If a crisis occurred and you called 911, but no one was coming, would you be able to manage? If a lockdown was put in place, could you render care to yourself or loved ones? Would you have the supplies or knowledge to know what to do? Lynn Kramer, RN, covers these topics and more. She shares survival resources that help you think and prepare how to best meet the needs of your household and others that you may be responsible for.

Topics covered include putting together a medical kit, improvising in a grave situation, essential OTC medicines to have on hand, herbal/natural remedies and where to get medical training (CPR/First Aid).

Her talk, "Medical Preparedness", (including a  Q&A) will be held:
Friday June 30th @  12:00 pm & 6:00pm
Saturday July 1st @  12:00 pm & 6:00pm
Sunday June 2nd @  12:00 pm & 6:00pm


Rory Scoles moved out onto a remote 40-acre parcel in Northeast Minnesota 18 years ago with his then young family and began to homestead like the apocalypse had already happened. His experiences include building remote cabins with hand tools only and minimum imported materials, becoming proficient at traditional calorie rich food skills such as sugar making, Wild ricing and processing, practical small-scale farming and animal husbandry, hunting, trapping, unassisted homebirths, wilderness travel and traversing and more.

His Talk: Beyond Collapse & Calamity. What 18 years of remote, off grid living has illuminated for me and my family. Tools and tips on how to analyze your current living situation for life after SHTF, how to start transitioning to a more independent, land-based way of life and how doing so will enrich your life, feed your soul, and make you resilient and healthy. Q&A and 15-minute skill share at the end.

Rory Scoles - Serious Prepper


Laurie Carlson - MN Prepper Pantry

This year's MN Prepper Expo is honored to host a variety of interesting speakers. These folks are taking the time to share their knowledge and experience with us over the course of the three day weekend. 

Each speaker is unique so no talk is going to sound the same or likely even be on the same topic. Some speakers will be sharing stories, advice and skills while others may be talking about a recent book they wrote or simply offering a Q+A session on their area of expertise. 

If you are interested in speaking at this year's event fill out the form below. We are interested in any prepper related topics such as hunting, navigation, CBRN response, gun maintenance, etc. 

*Please Note* Hate speech, bullying, or degrading comments referring to topics such as political affiliation, race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated. If this occurs you will be escorted from the grounds immediately. This is a family friendly event where all are welcome so keep the topics clean and kind.

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